What's Up I'm Freddy!

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

What does photography mean to me? As someone who loves to watch indie films and just movies in general, photography is the means in which I create meaningful, intimate, once in a lifetime interactions for you. Don't you love how certain movies can trigger a flood of emotions? This is something you can expect when you look back at your photos. This is something that I try to recreate on your wedding day.


Fact 1

I LOVE to spend my free time teaching and growing with my son and wife. We love to build, play cars, and playing sports!


Fact 2

I actually photographed my own wedding (well some of it)! Feel free to ask me for the photos I am more then happy to share!!


Fact 3

When I am not with my son or wife, You will most likely find me somewhere deep into the backcountry, living off the land and enjoying nature ! I may post some Pictures from my hikes below !


Fact 4

Im a HUGE tech geek. I love staying up to date with the latest news, right now i am really into AI !

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